Status Update Update

New visitors will find many things look more than a little strange. Returning visitors might notice a change to the ‘theme’ of the site … as well as seeing the weird things.

I fixed the header and footer in position a while ago, which looked good in all of the major browsers … except Internet Explorer. (Surprise, surprise!) I’d seen figures showing a dramatic decline in IE use – down to less than 10% and still falling. Keeping things compatible with Internet Explorer is a lot of work. It means either effectively writing two different websites or dumbing down what could be achieved for the sake of just the IE visitors. So initially I thought, ‘to heck with them. If they choose to use such a bad browser, that’s their look-out.’ Then more recently I realised that the 10% figure is for those in the know – developers, internet addicts, generally IT geek types. Amongst ‘normal’ people usage is still around the 60% mark. I decided that’s really too big a slice of potential readers to just ignore, so I’m revising the site to accommodate them. (If you’re one of the 60%, try googling ‘Why you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer’.)

That started with a change of theme to correct the basic problem for IE visitors, but this has resulted in weirdness on many pages. I was faced with a choice of running with the old theme until the new one was perfect – and so continuing to exclude IE visitors until then – or switching now so that everyone can access the site and accepting that things will look bad in ALL browsers, though hopefully at least readable, until I fix them. I decided on the latter. I’m trying to do a ‘bare bones’ first pass then return later to tweak but I’m not really built that way. It’s hard to get to a point on a page where ‘that will do for now’ and not carry on till ‘everything is as good as it can be’. And the difference is what takes 80% of the time. So it might be a while for even the basic weirdness is cleared up in all sections. Sorry! :-)

Lost something?

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I have removed some menu links but the items are still here if you know what you’re looking for.

If you’ve followed an external link to one of them, surfed away to look at something else, and now want to get back, you have three options: (1) Use the back button on your browser; (2) Use the search facility (top right in the navigation bar) – the system will hopefully find what you’re looking for; (3) Reuse the link that originally brought you here.