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Series 02 Show 01

There’s a recording around purporting to be show ten of series two. Matching the information I have with the recording, I reckon it’s show one. I’ve also added a few more snippets to the show’s page.

Status Update

I’ve pretty much finished the changes that needed to be made to make the site accessible for Internet Explorer users. Some sections may not be ‘pretty’ for those users, but it’s their own fault for using such a crap browser! I develop the site in Firefox but the other major browsers (e.g. Google Chrome and Opera) work fine too … perhaps with just the odd instance where images don’t quite line up, etc., which really only bugs anal people like me!


Disc Exchange

Got a DVD you don’t watch any more? Want to swap it for something fresh? You can exchange a disc for not much more than the cost of a second class stamp. Or just want inexpensive DVDs and CDs?

Visit to find out more.

News Quiz icon News and Updates

I’ve tweaked what is displayed and how so that it’s easier to find and see cuttings from the various shows, often the funniest parts.

Notes icon Links & Extra Info

Sometimes images shown hold extra information. Hover your cursor over an image – if there’s info there it’ll pop up. They can also be links. For example, the images in credits on show pages are links to information on that person in that role. Point at it with your cursor and if it’s a link the cursor will change appropriately.