Status Update

I recently found a lot of information and MP3s I was previously missing for ISIHAC, and am in the process of verifying it and adding more detail and quotes. Everything from series forty on is pretty much complete, but you might find earlier shows present in different or ‘unfinished’ formats. It’ll take a while (sic!) before it’s completed. If, in the meantime, you’re looking for info on a show I haven’t got round to adding or verifying information for, feel free to ask.

For a while I’m switching my attention to The News Quiz. While the basic information about the shows and the people involved is entered, there’s a lot to do on the content of each show and on how you can access it. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to delay providing show-by-show details for The Now Show, but it’s coming eventually … honest!

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Lost something?

I’ve removed menu links to a few things but some of the items are still here if you know what you’re looking for.

If you’ve followed an external link to one of them, surfed away to look at something else, and now want to get back, you have three options: (1) Use the back button on your browser; (2) Use the search facility (top right in the navigation bar) – the system will hopefully find what you’re looking for; (3) Reuse the link that originally brought you here.

Philippines Appeal

I know Typhoon Haiyan seems a long time ago now, but work goes on in Tacloban and the other Philippines islands hit by it. I visited Tacloban when in the Philippines (more pix here). A beautiful island with happy, friendly people. Charities continue to assist in the task of rebuilding homes and lives … can you join me in helping just a tiny bit?

Taureans love happy movies where everyone is jolly and having fun, but they fight with waiters and get upset with billboards.
"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure." Mark Twain