New … Improved      (Well … kind of!)

A lot of things that were previously here have gone. Well, some haven’t actually ‘gone’, I’ve just removed the menu links to them. They’re still here if you know what you’re looking for.

If you’ve followed a link to one of them, surfed away to look at something else, and now want to get back, you have three options: (1) Use the back button on your browser; (2) Use the search facility (top right in the navigation bar) – the system will hopefully find what you’re looking for; (3) Reuse the link that originally brought you here.

Why have I done this? To make room for more ISIHAC and News Quiz stuff.

I’ve found a whole lot of info on ISIHAC, and am in the process of verifying it and adding a bit more info. Consequently, shows are currently presented in one of three different formats – Those I’ve verified the new data for; those I had added info for before I found what I’ve found, and haven’t yet checked the new data for; those I hadn’t got round to adding any data for and haven’t yet checked what I found. It’ll take a while before it’s fully updated, but hopefully you’ll find it worth the wait.

To make The News Quiz more or less the same, I’m adding a lot more information. Until I’ve completed this project there are, again, three different styles for the shows. Lastly, I’ve added a separate section for The Now Show. I haven’t yet added the show-by-show details, but it’s coming soon … honest!


Philippines Appeal

I visited Tacloban when in the Philippines (more pix here). A beautiful island with happy, friendly people. There are organisations helping after Typhoon Haiyan with short term assistance and with the longer task of rebuilding peoples’ lives. I won’t try to tell you which charity is more deserving … but join me in helping just a tiny bit.