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 What are tag filters and how do they work?

  At the top of screens containing multiple items you'll sometimes find followed by words or phrases written like this These are tags. Each post can have one or more tags linked to it. When you click a tag the post list is regenerated to show only those tagged with what you've chosen. The list of tags itself may also change to be only those of the posts now listed. You can choose a second tag and the process will be repeated … effectively, an 'AND' query, showing only those items that have the first AND the second tag. Chosen tags are shown like this. You can keep choosing tags, and hence narrowing the list, as long as they are there to choose. If you change your mind about a tag, you can remove it by clicking it. You can do this in any order … not just that in which they were added. If you've chosen several and want to start again, click on to reset the filter.