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Series 24 Show 01

November 1994, Bath
SamanthaColin SellWillie RushtonPaul MertonGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 26 Show 02

November 1995, Hackney
SamanthaColin SellWillie RushtonTony HawksGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 28 Show 01

November 1996, Liverpool
SamanthaColin SellWillie RushtonTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 31 Special

April 1998
Note iconTribute to Willie Rushton

Series 39 Show 01

May 2002, Bradford
SamanthaColin SellSandi ToksvigTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon