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Series 34 Show 02

November 1999, York
SamanthaColin SellJeremy HardyTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenSandi ToksvigHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 38 Show 06

December 2001, Bristol
SamanthaColin SellAndy HamiltonTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 43 Show 03

June 2004, Belfast
SamanthaColin SellJack DeeTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey Lyttelton

Series 45 Show 03

June 2005, Rhyl
SamanthaDenis KingAndy HamiltonTim Brooke-TaylorTony HawksBarry CryerHumphrey Lyttelton

Series 51 Show 05

July 2009, Newcastle
SamanthaColin SellPhill JupitusTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerRob Brydon

Series 52 Show 05

December 2009, Scarborough
SamanthaColin SellJo BrandTim Brooke-TaylorJeremy HardyBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 56 Show 05

December 2011, Watford
SamanthaColin SellAndy HamiltonTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee