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Series 13 Show 05

August 1986
SamanthaMatthew ScottWillie RushtonTim Brooke-TaylorStephen FryBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 19 Show 03

November 1991
SamanthaColin SellWillie RushtonDenise CoffeyBill TidyBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonMissing from Collection icon

Series 20 Show 01

May 1992
SamanthaColin SellWillie RushtonTim Brooke-TaylorPaul MertonBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon

Series 35 Show 05

June 2000, South Bank
SamanthaColin SellStephen FryTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerHumphrey LytteltonNote icon