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Series 58 Show 01

November 2012, Dunstable
SamanthaColin SellTony HawksTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 58 Show 03

November 2012, Birmingham
SamanthaColin SellJeremy HardyTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 58 Show 05

December 2012, Preston
SamanthaColin SellVictoria WoodTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 59 Show 01

July 2013, Salisbury
SamanthaColin SellTony HawksTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 59 Show 03

July 2013, Chesterfield
SamanthaColin SellMiles JuppTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 59 Show 05

July 2013, Leicester
SamanthaColin SellRob BrydonTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 60 Show 01

November 2013
SamanthaColin SellJohn FinnemoreTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 60 Show 04

December 2013, Drury Lane, London
SamanthaColin SellVictoria WoodTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 60 Show 05

December 2013, Milton Keynes
SamanthaColin SellDavid MitchellTim Brooke-TaylorGraeme GardenBarry CryerJack Dee

Series 61 Show 03

July 2014, Worthing
SamanthaColin SellHarry HillTim Brooke-Taylor,Graeme Garden,Barry Cryer,Jack Dee