A short sci-fi story, intended one day to be part of a series using the 'Shipping Forecast' as titles.

The Prologue

A brief introduction to Lord Allenby, and to the cast of suspects

The Butler

Is 'the butler dun it' the right answer?

The Wife

Did Hazel decide that if she couldn't have him, no-one would?

The Brother

Did Julian decide his own retirement would be more comfortable if his brother wasn't around?

The Stepmother

Has Lady Valerie donned the mantle of 'the wicked stepmother'?

The Partner

Has Rob decided it's time to take, after years of giving?

The Maid

Did Polly include Lord Allenby in her spring-cleaning?

The Farmer

Was John Giles determined to have his fun(fair) at Lord Allenby's expense?

The Mistress

Did Anne decide that getting rid of Lord Allenby was the way to have her cake and eat it?

The Doctor

Did Dr. West run out of patience with Lord Allenby?

The Accountant

Did Mark Peters think he could balance the books better without Lord Allenby?

The Gardener

Has Fred decided that it's time for some drastic pruning?

The Party

The Deed. See if you can spot the culprit.

The Intermission

So who dun it? Your chance to choose.

The Epilogue

Lord Allenby: The Epilogue