Book spines, as if on a shelf

Golden Memories

Some of the less well-known Little Golden Books
Sign next to water, with English translation of text

Foreign English Signs

Well, at least they tried.

Automated Replies

Wouldn't you just love to use one of these?
Man lying face down in an empty supermarket isle

Bored at Asda?

How to make a supermarket visit more interesting

Gender Differences

Perhaps men and women really do come from different planets.

After the Bleep...

Go on ... leave a message like this yourself ... I dare you!

Ebonics Assignment

Leroy must use each vocabulary word in a sentence

What I’ve Learned

A collection of wise thoughts, learned from bitter experience.

Condom Sponsorship

What if condoms were sponsored?

Party Guide

How to enjoy a good drinking session.

Why did the Chicken...

It's an age old question. Why do people think it really crossed?

Excuses, Excuses

Excuse notes collected from schools across the United States.

Electronic Proverbs

Some old sayings updated for the electronic age.

Condom Use

Some DO and DON'T tips for condom use