Humph was chairman for a total of three hundred and seventy-two shows. That was every show except six in the first series, where he alternated the role with Barry Cryer, till the end of series fifty. Originally enthusiastic, over the years he came to portray someone who would rather be doing anything else than chairing the show. His comments in this persona were as funny as that of the ‘professionals’.

Series 50 Show 06

"… that's the end of the show, and indeed this series. I'd really like to say how much I've enjoyed it but … I'm not allowed to before 9pm.' "

Series 50 Show 05

" … as the cabinet minister of time addresses the house of destiny, and the dodgy builder of fate bungs him another couple of grand … "

Series 50 Show 04

" … as the drunken sailor of time relieves himself into the dock of fate, and the magistrate adds an extra three months for contempt of court … "

Series 50 Show 03

" … as the South African prop-forward of time goes into touch, and the English hooker of fate explains she charges extra for that … "

Series 50 Show 02

"… as the playful puppy of time bounds after the toilet tissue of destiny, and the handle of fate flushes him round the u-bend of doom.. "

Series 50 Show 01

"Before we go, I'm required to make an apology. We very much regret that the trailor for this programme appeared to make Her Majesty The Queen look grumpy, impatient and sour faced. This was due to a failure in our editing process. We didn't do any. "