Humph was chairman for a total of three hundred and seventy-two shows. That was every show except six in the first series, where he alternated the role with Barry Cryer, till the end of series fifty. Originally enthusiastic, over the years he came to portray someone who would rather be doing anything else than chairing the show. His comments in this persona were as funny as that of the ‘professionals’.

Series 46 Show 07

"Well ladies and gentlemen, that's the end of the show and indeed this series. And what a mighty roller coaster of a series it's been … in the sense that roller coasters always make me feel sick. "

Series 46 Show 06

" … as the binge drinkers of time stagger from the pub of eternity, before taking the controls of the jumbo jet of destiny … "

Series 46 Show 05

" … as the lone piper of time appears at the gates of dawn, and Dawn throws open the window and tells him where to stick his bagpipes … "

Series 46 Show 04

" … as the larva of time eats into the Granny Smith of eternity, and the Smith family make a note not to take her up Vesuvius again … "

Series 46 Show 03

" … as the lemmings of fate run over the crumbling cliff of eternity, and the Shadows try to shoo them off … "

Series 46 Show 02

"… as the meatball of time congeals in the gravy of destiny, and the swede of fate is mashed in the queue to get out of Ikea … "