Are you genuinely worried about just deleting these wretched ‘chain’ emails without acting on what they are telling you to do?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are – you’re certainly not alone, or we wouldn’t all be innundated with them day after day after day. If you don’t feel comfortable with just deleting them, you can send them to the email addresses I’ve set up for processing them “appropriately”.

Oh, and if the chain email has to be forwarded to certain types of people …

People you know Well, I could easily fall into that category. There’s enough info about me on here to ‘know’ me fairly well
Friends Hi, I’m Kevin … let’s be friends, OK?
Anyone else Hmmm … not sure who else you might be asked to send them to. Oh well, consider me ‘it’ anyway.
Click one of the links below to open up a pre-addressed email in your own system, then simply either copy the addresses into the ‘To’ section of the email you wish to forward, or copy the contents of that email into the pre-addressed one.

Mail to ten email addresses

Mail to fifty email addresses

… but PLEASE … don’t forward them to my other email addresses on here. Depending on how much time I have on my hands you MIGHT get added to the list everyone else uses.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should read the email message I sometimes send in reply. It’s here. You could, if you wanted, copy and paste it and send it to the person who sent you the email, or just send a link to the page. When I get time (hmmm … and inclination) I’ll set up a ‘nice’ email you can copy and a ‘nice’ page you can point them to.