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Where the original source of material is known, that source has been credited, permission to use the item has been requested and given and, where appropriate, links provided to the originator’s site. Any item not so credited has been found freely available on the internet or other “public domain” source, is original material generated by and copyright of us, or a combination of these two.

For the purposes of using it, you should assume anything that hasn’t obviously been created or uploaded by another member and doesn’t have a specific copyright credit linking it to someone else is mine.

Use of my copyright material

I will usually be happy to give permission for any item, or part of an item, copyright of mine to be reproduced elsewhere so long as

  • the copyright is acknowledged and these conditions are further imposed on any subsequent user
  • a clearly visible link to this site is provided from the copied item
  • the ‘general content’ of the website it is used on is legal (legal in the UK, not in some tin pot little country that allows just about anything in order to bring in revenue.)

No item may be sold or used commercially unless this is specifically agreed, in advance, by me.

Of course it may not be immediately apparent whether copyright approval is mine to give or if I am using something someone else has given me permission to. In such cases you need to employ a highly complex and scientific method of determination known as asking.

Infringement by this website

If you believe your copyright is being infringed on this site, you should immediately contact me and, subject to satisfactory proof of copyright being supplied, the item will be removed at the earliest opportunity (and you’ll get my abject apologies, although I realise that doesn’t excuse the offence!)

Where contributors are able to upload or create items, I ask that they own the copyright to, or have permission to use, anything they add. If you believe one of my contributors isn’t playing by the rules, please let me know. Any dispute will be between you and the contributor concerned, but I will most likely remove the item in question until it’s resolved.

contributors’ copyright and my reserved rights

contributors retain the copyright to anything legitimately posted on this site. However …

  • I reserve the right, at my absolute discretion, to remove anything I think is not suitable or to move it to somewhere which I consider to be more appropriate.
  • I reserve the right, at my absolute discretion, to edit a post to correct spelling or punctuation errors but I will NOT edit it in a way that changes the fundamental meaning.
  • I will advise the contributor (by email to the address used to register at the site) if I remove, move or change anything. If a contributor prefers that the item be removed rather than changed or moved I will do this if so requested.

If ownership for this site passes to another person or organisation so do these rights and responsibilities.

By posting any item contributors indicate acceptance of these terms.