Andrew was lucky to have been accepted into the Force. Now nearly every country was in the World Alliance, the need for a standing army had all but disappeared and their role was more that of a heavily armed police force, sorting out trouble if it erupted. Being so well armed and well trained, of course, their mere existence was a strong deterrent to it even starting in the first place. They trained for and reacted to natural disasters too, ready to deliver much needed assistance whenever and wherever required. But there were a few little thorns that needed pulling out before they could concentrate fully on that. Like the drugs that were still flowing out of South America. Read Here Amazon Kindle
The individual stories of how each of the characters named in the prologue – eleven in all – interact with Lord Allenby in the days leading up to his sixtieth birthday party, at which he’s planning to retire. Each has his or her own reason for not wanting him around, but who would want him dead badly enough to take matters into their own hands? And if they did, how would they do it? Amazon Kindle Read Here
Detective Inspector Jon Longton needs to find Alberto Riaz, and he needs to do it before Raoul Cassi does. Because if Raoul Cassi finds him first, he’ll kill him. It is, after all, the reason why Tomas Fuente sent Cassi over to the UK. He’s already tried once. Next time he might be more successful. Besides, he doesn’t seem to particularly care if other people get hurt as a byproduct.Read Here Amazon Kindle

Once complete, this will be a collection of short science-fiction stories, each inspired by the name of one of the BBC’s Shipping Forecast areas. So far, though, it consists of only one … “Cromarty”. Read Here