How can I identify a recording I have?

Go to the main page of either ISIHAC or The News Quiz (not The Now Show yet, unfortunately). There’s a link to an ‘AND’ filter. It searches the database for shows which have all of the pieces of information you add. As you add more information (e.g. the chairman, the panellists, the producer, etc.) so the list of shows it could be gets smaller, till eventually you’re left with hopefully just one that it can be.

Unfortunately this facility is currently broken. For now, for ISIHAC shows pick the least played game. You can find a list of all of the games played here along with descriptions to help identify them. For The News Quiz use a reader or writer from your recording to narrow down the search. If that fails, for either show, start with the least regular panellist on your recording.

It’s then a question of checking each show listed manually, I’m afraid, until you find what you’re looking for.

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