The thing that makes me laugh more often, for longer, and more uncontrollably than anything else is a show on BBC Radio 4 called “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue“. It’s not unusual for me to be crying or unable to breathe because of something that has been said. ISIHAC is a bit of a Marmite show … you either love it or you hate it. While I can understand people not liking Marmite (well, a bit … I love it) I can’t understand anyone not loving ISIHAC. The show is both silly and clever … very often at the same time. Many rounds on this ‘antidote to panel games’ don’t sound funny … until you hear the teams actually playing. You probably have to listen to three or four editions before you ‘get’ it.

The ISIHAC line-up for many years. Regular panelllists Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Willie Rushton pose for a group photo with chairman Humphrey Lyttelton

The ISIHAC line-up for many years

If you’ve never heard of the show, you can find out all about it by looking at the entries in the navigation bar above. There’s a synopsis of each broadcast under Shows and under People you’ll find details both of the roles and of the individuals who have filled them. There’s a description of each game – with some examples – under Games where you can also find out which shows they were played on.

The BBC have released several CDs from the show – specials, compilations, and whole editions. You can find out what’s been published under CDs but I haven’t yet gone into detail of the content.