In each show, there are usually around half a dozen games played. So in four hundred and sixty-four shows that’s more than two and a half thousand rounds. There are four hundred and sixty-two different games listed here. In some instances rather than create a listing for a game with a single occurrence, I’ve attributed it to something else that’s very similar. This is especially so for early shows where some games had yet to settle into an established format. Some games have changed their names over the years. For the sake of correctly identifying them, I’ve used the current name in all episodes, even if it was introduced under a different one. Some weren’t named at all, so I’ve made up – hopefully appropriate – ones. Click a game to see the shows it has featured in. Actually, as this is a work in progress, it’s those instances that I’ve tagged so far.

[Temporary note: I’ve recently found a lot of information, which I’ve included here prior to checking and refining. Consequently, many games do not yet have descriptions, some might be duplicated under different names, and some I’ll sadly be unable to explain as they’re from shows I don’t have a copy of.]

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