Word For Word has been played on eighty-five shows. Members of one team exchange words, one word at a time, where that word must have no connection with the word that precedes it. The other team have to spot connections. A running joke now is that Graeme Garden will open with a word that could be easily mistaken for a reply to Jack's request to start.
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Series 51 Show 06

First broadcast in July 2009
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Series 51 Show 02

"Skirting board" "Most people don't know - marzipan is made from what you can scrape out from behind the skirting board."
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Series 50 Show 02

"Boater" "Tim arrived this evening wearing a velvet boater."
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Series 49 Show 02

First broadcast in June 2007
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Series 47 Show 06

First broadcast in June 2006
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Series 46 Show 03

First broadcast in November 2005