Barry has been a panellist on four hundred and twenty-two shows. He currently holds the record for more appearances on the show than anyone else, if you include the six editions of the first series where he acted as chairman. ( Click here for a list of these.) Barry has a few running gags, most notably his tendency to insist that two consecutive words in Word For Word are the name of a sixties band and the fact that he [allegedly!] likes to drink.

Series 52 Show 01

Never Been Said: "George Bush Senior: 'Do you think I should have a vasectomy?'"

Series 51 Show 06

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Philander: Mr. and Mrs. Jupitus"

Series 51 Show 05

Role Play: "Actually, Charles, I myself was thinking of having a little work done. Can you guess where?" "… Your baps, madame."

Series 51 Show 04

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Clamour: Mallet for opening clams"

Series 51 Show 03

Cautionary Signs and Labels: "Roll-on Mum Deodorant: 'Unscrew top and push up bottom'."

Series 51 Show 02

Cost-Cutters: "Slum Dog Milliner"