Harry has been a panellist on six shows.

Series 61 Show 04

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Transendental : To receive false teeth through the post from a drag act"

Series 61 Show 03

Incomplete: "I hear you have a hamster, I'm sure he's very cute, With his great big hamster eyes, And his little fluffy suit, He'll run up on his hamster wheel, And fill his face with food …" "… And if you fetch the Ladyshave, You can see him in the nude."

Series 45 Show 06

Mottos: The Society for the Reintroduction of Victorian Values: The car in front is a horse"

Series 45 Show 05

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Pistachio : The facial hair you might find on the top lip of an alcoholic"

Series 41 Show 04

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Rafia : A craft fair organised crime syndicate"

Series 41 Show 03

Down The Pan Alley: "Instruction Booklets, She Wrote"