Jeremy has been a panellist on fifty-two shows. Jeremy’s style is well suited to the nature of the show, and his appearances always have at least one or two gems to offer. He’s not, however, particularly good at singing … tone deaf in fact. This makes his performances in musical rounds spectacularly funny, and something the audience greets with huge anticipation.

Series 58 Show 04

Incomplete: "Coughs and sneezes …" "… are no bar to employment at Subway."

Series 58 Show 03

Never Been Said: "Yes, I have been to a Harvester before."

Series 57 Show 02

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Harpist : Partially sober"

Series 57 Show 01

Down The Pan Alley: "Bras In Pocket"

Series 56 Show 02

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Ballbearing : The side a gentleman dresses"

Series 56 Show 01

Film Club: "Marathon Man … recently remade as Snickers Man"