Rob has been a panellist on sixteen shows. As well as a sense of humour that is perfect for the style of the show, Rob has a terrific singing voice. Just one of many memorable examples was him singing Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler? to the tune of Yesterday Once More. One might expect that as he’s so good, it would be detrimental to the comedy. In fact, his performances are often high points in the show and he never fails to get cheers of appreciation from the audience.

He has also been the chairman twice.

Series 59 Show 06

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Lavish : A bit like a toilet"

Series 59 Show 05

Down The Pan Alley: "Alice In Sunderland"

Series 57 Show 04

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Glamorgan : A willy with lipstick"

Series 57 Show 03

Down The Pan Alley: "I Just Don't know What To Do With My Elf"

Series 54 Show 06

Uxbridge English Dictionary: "Website : The distance between a web and the ground"

Series 54 Show 05

Famous Last Words: "I wonder where the mummy bear is?"