First broadcast on Monday, the 30th of April 1973. (Repeated on the 2nd of May.)
Chair: Humphrey Lyttelton Pianist: Dave Lee Producer: John Cassells


Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie

Round 1: What Is Your Name?
Barry Cryer Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Graeme Garden Tim Brooke-Taylor Tim Brooke-Taylor Bill Oddie Bill Oddie


Round 2: Singing Sprint
Graeme Garden Tim Brooke-Taylor The One Note Samba Barry Cryer Bill Oddie My Way


Round 3: Word For Word
Humphrey Lyttelton Actually, we'll end that round now, with the scores at a very interesting point.


Round 4: I-Spy   I-Spy in One
humphrey-lyttelton "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C" Tim Brooke-Taylor "Corporation lawyer"


Round 5: Blues
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden The V.A.T. Blues Bill Oddie Tim Brooke-Taylor The Piccadilly Redevelopment Scheme Blues


Round 6: Sound Charades
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Mother Goose Bill Oddie Tim Brooke-Taylor Mary Poppins


Round 7: MacDonald's Funny Farm
Bill Oddie Tim Brooke-Taylor A budgie, an elephant and the QEII sinking Barry Cryer Graeme Garden A pig with hiccups, a cockerell with laryngitis and a yodelling sheep


Round 8: Tag Wrestling
Bill Oddie Tim Brooke-Taylor "Look out for the steamroller." But the warning came too late and the Famous Five danced a jig of delight as Rover dragged himself painfully out of the mud, and gave the constable a guilty smile.
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden "I don't monkey around with other guys' dames", smiled the rural dean. But that was the day the church fell on Mrs. Bagworthy.


Round 9: Late Arrivals   The Funny Foreigners' Ball
Graeme Garden From Switzerland, Mr. and Mrs. Hole and their daughter, Heidi Hole Barry Cryer From Germany, Herr and Frau Zatdudiches and their son, Hans Zatdudiches
Tim Brooke-Taylor From China, Mr. and Mrs Sourpork and their delightful daughter, sweet Anne Sourpork Bill Oddie Mr. and Mrs Fireplace, and their son, Peter the Great