Celebrity listeners choose their favourite bits of I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue.

Dame Judy Dench loves Quote … Misquote Stephen Fry opts for Scrabble Neil Kinnock selects Mornington Crescent
Gillian Reynolds picks Swanee-Kazoo Jim Broadbent likes the Late Arrivals Germaine Greer’s favourite round is Word For Word

Jack Dee asks for one of Humph’s introductions, mentioning a fear that hearing his own voice on the show might spoil it for him. Ironic, considering that he then went on to be a panellist several times before taking over the chairman’s role! The show was broadcast only a few months after the loss of Willie Rushton so he appears in several of the clips, along with the other regulars Barry Took Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor. Stephen Fry has the distinction of not only being one of the celebrities choosing their favourite moments, but also featuring in one of the clips as well.

r_subtitle = I'm Sorry I Haven't a Desert Island
r_subtitle =
r_repeated = 1999-1-17 12:30:00
r_repeated =
r_length = 00:29:06
r_length =
cg01 = 1244
cg01 =
cg02 = Scrabble
cg02 =
cg03 = 1182
cg03 =
cg04 = 1197
cg04 =
cg05 = Some of Humph's Intro's
cg05 =
cg06 = 1298
cg06 =
cg07 = 1578
cg07 =
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