Recorded at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking and first broadcast on Monday, the 29th of May 2000. (Repeated on the 4th of June.)
Chair: Humphrey Lyttelton Pianist: Colin Sell Scorer: Samantha Producer: Jon Naismith


Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor and Neil Mullarkey

Round 1: Killer First Lines


Round 2: Pick-up Song


Round 3: Sound Charades


Round 4: Yes/No Interlude


Round 5: Car Alarms


Round 6: Singing Relay


Round 7: Radio Times


Humphrey Lyttelton "And so, as the short-sighted terrier of time chases the startled stick-insect of hope, and the supple dachshund of fate is knotted by the absent-minded balloon magician of eternity …"