I’ve been unable as yet to establish for sure if this show really was aired as this special on the 1st September 2005. There’s no doubt that a show was recorded on the date given at the Edinburgh Fringe. Some sources indicate that it was then broadcast as this special. However, this would have been unique – the only special not broadcast around the Christmas | New Year period (except for the tribute to Willie Rushton which, naturally enough, went out shortly after his leaving us) and there seems no reason for it to have been.

The show is also listed by some sources as being broadcast on the 12th of December 2005 as part of series forty-six. If this isn’t so, it begs the question what was aired in its place or, if there was a gap in the schedule, why? I’ve therefore gone with this latter school of thought as far as recording details, so if you want to know what was in the show, please see s46e05

r_subtitle = I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue At The Fringe
r_subtitle =
r_venue = The Pleasance Grand
r_venue =
r_location = Edinburgh
r_location =
r_recorded = 2005-8-29 00:00:00
r_recorded =
r_length = 00:28:04
r_length =
r_detail = 1
r_detail =
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