Recorded on Tuesday, the 30th of October 2007 at the Opera House in Manchester and first broadcast on Monday, the 26th of November 2007. (Repeated on the 2nd of December.)
Chair: Humphrey Lyttelton Pianist: Colin Sell Scorer: Samantha Producer: Jon Naismith Programme Consultant: Iain Pattinson


Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor and Jeremy Hardy

Humphrey Lyttelton "What happens in Manchester today, happens in the rest of the world tomorrow. So, if you're listening rest of the world, tomorrow it's going to drizzle."
Round 1: Never Been Said
Jeremy Hardy "Mr & Mrs Hitler: 'You can never give your child too much Sunny Delight.'"


Round 2: One Song to the Tune of Another
Barry Cryer I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat  to the tune of Unchained Melody Tim Brooke-Taylor Psycho Killer  to the tune of By The Light of The Silvery Moon
Graeme Garden I'm Miserable Now  to the tune of Waltzing Matilda Jeremy Hardy Hanky Panky  to the tune of Onwards Christian Soldiers
Jeremy Hardy "Don't clap, it's a hymn!"


Round 3: Gate
Jeremy Hardy Tim Brooke-Taylor Tim and Jeremy have accepted honours for cash Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Barry and Graeme have accepted a booking on Quote…Unquote
Graeme Garden "Good evening, and welcome to Yeah, Right! "


Round 4: Connections
Examples are a regular feature of this round "An obvious example would be if I were to list John the Baptist, The Good Samaritan and Winnie the Pooh. You'd immediately spot that John the Baptist and Winnie the Pooh share the same middle name, while The Good Samaritan has it as his first name."


Round 5: 84 Chicken Cross Road
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Henry VIII Jeremy Hardy Tim Brooke-Taylor Catherine of Aragon


Round 6: Radio Times   Farmers' Radio Times
Barry Cryer "I'm A Combine Harvester, Get Me Out Of Here" Graeme Garden "Veal Or No Veal" Jeremy Hardy "Pig of the Week" Tim Brooke-Taylor "Sex And The Subsidy"


Humphrey Lyttelton " … as the South African prop-forward of time goes into touch, and the English hooker of fate explains she charges extra for that …"