Humph in Wonderland

Recorded on Sunday, the 25th of November 2007 at the Lyric Theatre in London and first broadcast on Tuesday, the 25th of December 2007.

This Christmas special is unusual in that it is double length – an hour instead of the usual thirty minutes. It uses the plot of Alice In Wonderland to introduce several rounds, linked by a script written by Iain Pattinson and Graeme Garden where cast members make comments typical of the show. All of the regulars and many regular guests feature:- Humphrey Littylton Colin Sell Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Tim Brooke-Taylor Rob Brydon Jack Dee Andy Hamilton Jeremy Hardy Tony Hawks Sandi Toksvig   The producer was Jon Naismith

Humph accompanies the players of the closing game – Swanee-Kazoo – on the trumpet joined by two of his band members, John Rees-Jones on bass and Adrian MacIntosh on drums.

Game 1: Mornington Crescent   Dodgson's Parallel Rotation
Letters from Mrs Trellis of North Wales are a regular feature of this round Dear Doctor Livingstone I presume, I hear you've taken a missionary position in Africa. Mind you don't put your back out. Yours etc., Mrs. Trellis


Game 2: Book Club   Smokers' Book Club
Graeme Garden "Bridget Jones' Pipe" Jack Dee "We Need To Talk About Coughing" Tony Hawks "Round Ireland With A Fag" Barry Cryer "Great Expectorations"


Game 3: Nigella's Saucy Mouthfuls
Barry Cryer "Winkles in Cider" Jack Dee "Lean Back & Fillet" Tim Brooke-Taylor "Caesar Melons" Jeremy Hardy "Coq in a Van"


Game 4: Misleading Advice   The Mad Hatter's Book Of Misleading Etiquette
Jeremy Hardy "When a lady enters a room always stand, with the words 'blimey, that one shot me right out of me seat' "
Sandi Toksvig "When addressed by British royalty, they prefer for you to answer in German."
Jack Dee "If, when driving, a police car flashes you from behind, it means that you're not going fast enough."


Game 5: Uxbridge English Dictionary
Rob Brydon "Trailmix : To stalk Irishmen" Tony Hawks "Robust : Japanese sagging breasts" Graeme Garden "Battleaxe : A boon for constipated bats"


Game 6: Cheddar Gorge
Humphrey Lyttelton "Lots of games are named after places. There's Cumberland Gap which basically involves running a sweatshop in the Lake District and the ever popular Dogger Bank which involves having sex outside an Essex branch of Barclays."


Game 7: Pick-up Song   (Kind of!)
Jeremy Hardy Rob Brydon "Please Release Me"


Game 8: Swanee-Kazoo   Winter Wonderland


Humphrey Lyttelton "… as the chill wind of time carries aloft the solitary snowflake of destiny, and Network SouthEast closes down for the week …"