Humph in Wonderland

Recorded on Sunday, the 25th of November 2007 at the Lyric Theatre in London and first broadcast on Tuesday, the 25th of December 2007.

This Christmas special is unusual in that it is double length – an hour instead of the usual thirty minutes. It uses the plot of Alice In Wonderland to introduce several rounds, linked by a script written by Iain Pattinson and Graeme Garden where cast members make comments typical of the show. All of the regulars and many regular guests feature:- Humphrey Littylton Colin Sell Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Tim Brooke-Taylor Rob Brydon Jack Dee Andy Hamilton Jeremy Hardy Tony Hawks Sandi Toksvig   The producer was Jon Naismith

Humph accompanies the players of the closing game – Swanee-Kazoo – on the trumpet joined by two of his band members, John Rees-Jones on bass and Adrian MacIntosh on drums.

Game 1: Mornington Crescent


Game 2: Book Club


Game 3: Nigella's Saucy Mouthfuls


Game 4: Misleading Advice


Game 5: Uxbridge English Dictionary


Game 6: Cheddar Gorge


Game 7: Pick-up Song


Game 8: Swanee-Kazoo


Humphrey Lyttelton "… as the chill wind of time carries aloft the solitary snowflake of destiny, and Network SouthEast closes down for the week …"