Recorded on Sunday, the 21st of November 2010 at the Town Hall in Leeds and first broadcast on Monday, the 3rd of January 2011. (Repeated on the 9th of January.)
Chair: Jack Dee Pianist: Colin Sell Scorer: Samantha Producer: Jon Naismith Programme Consultant: Iain Pattinson


Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor and Phill Jupitus

Jack Dee "In the late Victorian age Leeds became home to pioneers of cinema, and in 1888 the first moving pictures were taken of traffic in Kirkstall Road. Co-incidentally, also the last."
Round 1: Uxbridge English Dictionary
Examples are a regular feature of this round "Most of us probably don't know the difference between a howitzer and a cannon. Well, a howitzer is an artillery piece characterised by its short barrel length,typically a ratio of fifteen times the calibre of the gun, firing projectiles at high ballistic trajectories, whereas a cannon is a photocopier."
Tim Brooke-Taylor "Dukebox : What Philip wears for cricket" Phill Jupitus "Appendectomy : What Ant shouts, when he wants a biro"
Graeme Garden "Welfare : Blonde, innit" Barry Cryer "Binge : Where Sean Connery puts his rubbish"


Round 2: Sound Charades
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Seven Phill Jupitus Tim Brooke-Taylor A Man Called Horse Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Cash In The Attic


Round 3: Snap
Phill Jupitus "I once played patience with a pack of tarot cards and killed my nan."


Round 4: Incomplete   Advertising Slogans
phill-jupitus "Softness is a thing called … " Graeme Garden " … erectile dysfunction."
graeme-garden "A finger of fudge is just enough to … " Phill Jupitus " … get you on a register."


Round 5: Swanee-Kazoo
Phill Jupitus Tim Brooke-Taylor Whistle While You Work Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Getting To Know You


Round 6: Film Club   Tobacconists'/Tobogganists' Film Club
Barry Cryer "A Tale of Two Ciggies" Tim Brooke-Taylor "Nicotine Age Mutant Ninja Turtles" Graeme Garden "Rebel Without A Cough"
Phill Jupitus "Sledge of Darkness" … I really don't understand what's going on!


Jack Dee " …it only remains for us to take a look at the scores." [Pause] "Interesting!"