Recorded on Thursday, the 22nd of May 2014 at the The Pavillion in Worthing and first broadcast on Monday, the 14th of July 2014.
Chair: Jack Dee Pianist: Colin Sell Scorer: Samantha Producer: Jon Naismith Programme Consultant: Iain Pattinson


Barry Cryer, and Graeme Garden,   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Harry Hill

Jack Dee "The name Worthing is from the Anglo-Saxon, and means home of Worther's people, or in modern English the people who like to suck on butterscotch toffees."
Round 1: Down The Pan Alley   Books with an extra word included by mistake
Tim Brooke-Taylor "The Satanic Verses Arsenal" Barry Cryer "Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets" Graeme Garden "The Man in the Jeremy Irons Mask"


Round 2: Word For Word
graeme-garden "It's over to you, Barry and Graeme.""Now?""Yes." Graeme Garden "That was my word."


Round 3: Diagnosis
Harry Hill Tim Brooke-Taylor Tim and Harry think they're seagulls


Round 4: Incomplete   Greeting cards
tim-brooke-taylor "I hear you have a hamster, I'm sure he's very cute, With his great big hamster eyes, And his little fluffy suit, He'll run up on his hamster wheel, And fill his face with food …" Harry Hill "… And if you fetch the Ladyshave, You can see him in the nude."


Round 5: 84 Chicken Cross Road
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden King Henry VIII Harry Hill Tim Brooke-Taylor Pope Clement VII


Round 6: Alien Duets
Harry Hill Tim Brooke-Taylor Cinderella Rockefella with Tim as The Doctor and Harry as a dalek
Barry Cryer Graeme Garden Baby It's Cold Outside with Barry as Obi-Wan Kenobe and Graeme as Darth Vader


Round 7: Song Book   Meat Eaters' Song Book
Graeme Garden "Some Day My Mince Will Come" Barry Cryer "Take That Pork Off Your Face"
Tim Brooke-Taylor "By The Rivers of Kebabylon" Harry Hill "Fight For Your Right To Pate"


Jack Dee "… as the insecticide of destiny is sprayed on the tomatoes of time, and the diner of fate complains he actually wanted vinaigrette …"