Recorded on Tuesday, the 17th of June 2014 at the St George's Hall in Bradford and first broadcast on Monday, the 28th of July 2014.
Chair: Jack Dee Pianist: Colin Sell Scorer: Samantha Producer: Jon Naismith Programme Consultant: Iain Pattinson


Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden   -v-   Tim Brooke-Taylor and Andy Hamilton

Jack Dee "A visit to Bradford's fine museum will reveal that the early history of the city is inextricably tied up with wool … so you can't read it."
Round 1: Down The Pan Alley


Round 2: One Song to the Tune of Another


Round 3: Gate


Round 4: Incomplete


Round 5: 84 Chicken Cross Road


Round 6: Film Club


Jack Dee "… as the chicken of time crosses the road of destiny and thinks to itself, 'Does anyone really care why I did that?' …"