Published in December 2012 (ISBN 1471311996) this is a two disc volume with a running time of approximately two and a half hours (?)
There have been just a few specials that were neither compilations nor of the regular format but to celebrate an event. This collection brings some of them for you to enjoy again, or to discover if you missed them when they were first aired.

I can’t confirm which specials are on this CD, as I don’t have it myself yet – it’s hard to get hold of. The references I’ve found all say “four specials”, then go on to list ISIHAC Meets Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Humph in Wonderland, the 30th Anniversary Special, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Desert Island, and In Search of Mornington Crescent. This, by my count, actually makes five! However, the thirtieth anniversary special wasn’t a Special in terms of the content. It was basically a regular show just aired outside the normal broadcast run to celebrate the show’s longevity. So perhaps it’s four Specials and a special.

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