I have twenty-nine appearances for Barry in the Chairman role. However, as I'm missing nearly all of the shows prior to 1990 and have found little information on them (or at least little that I trust) this is likely to be inaccurate. He was the original chairman and stepped down at the end of the 70s. I've assumed he appeared on every show aired during that period and no allowance has been made for stand-ins.

Show 04

September 1977
John MarshUnknownGordon HoneycombeUnknownAlan CorenMissing from Collection icon

Show 03

September 1977
John MarshNigel DempsterRichard IngramsTina BrownAlan CorenMissing from Collection icon

Show 02

September 1977
John MarshUnknownIan ChristieUnknownAlan CorenMissing from Collection icon

Show 01

September 1977
John MarshUnknownClive JamesRussell DaviesAlan CorenMissing from Collection icon

Show 00

April 1977
John MarshRussell DaviesAlan CorenNigel DempsterRichard IngramsCutting iconQuestion iconNote icon