Miles has stood in as chairman on the eight shows shown below. However Miles is better known as a panellist, having made twenty appearances in that role.

Show 08

November 2015
Corrie CorfieldRebecca FrontJeremy HardyRomesh RanganathanCamilla LongCutting iconQuestion icon

Show 07

October 2015
Caroline NichollsZoe LyonsFrancis WheenElis JamesSusan CalmanCutting iconQuestion icon

Show 06

October 2015
Zeb SoanesMichael DeaconYasmine AkramHolly WalshJeremy HardyCutting iconQuestion icon

Show 05

October 2015
Diana SpeedSara PascoeBob MillsAnne McElvoyJeremy HardyCutting iconQuestion icon

Show 04

October 2015, Crewe
Neil SleatHolly WalshHugo RifkindTerry ChristianSusan CalmanCutting iconQuestion icon

Show 03

October 2015
Susan RaeSusan CalmanAndy HamiltonElis JamesEmily AshtonCutting iconQuestion icon