Corrie Corfield read the cuttings on the fifty-one shows shown below. Corrie also once appeared as a panellist.

Series 88 Show 08

November 2015
Bond girls make fleeting appearances early in the films and usually end up in bed with 007. Their amorous exploits all too often lead them to a sticky end.

Series 87 Show 04

June 2015
The percentage of ten year olds in England classed as overweight is fifteen percent and classed as obese is nineteen percent. Figures have been rounded.

Series 86 Show 06

March 2015
Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis-Hill is poised to return to action for the first time since giving birth to her son at an event in Manchester.

Series 85 Show 03

November 2014
Bankrupt Goalkeeper To Auction Balls

Series 84 Show 08

July 2014
A driver abandoned his car on the motorway thinking it was about to burst into flames, only to realise that the word fire that had appeared on the dashboard referred to an Adele song on the stereo.

Series 84 Show 03

June 2014
Bournemouth's original Children's Festival ran from 1905 but had to be stopped in 1914 when fighting broke out that led to the start of World War One.