Neil Sleat read the cuttings on the thirty-seven shows shown below.

Series 88 Show 04

October 2015
A massive sink hole has appeared on a street in St Albans, forcing the evacuation of several families from their homes in the night. Heavily pregnant Gemma Bagshaw, who's expecting to give birth any day now, said she was wakened by the sound of the hole opening up.

Series 88 Show 01

September 2015
A couple who performed sex acts on each other have been sentenced in court. Magistrates heard how the couple were seen openly performing the sex acts before they got off at Chelmsford.

Series 87 Show 07

June 2015
Ewan McGregor was in Edinburgh to present his most recent film in which he plays Lucifer and Jesus. "It's so beautifully written," McGregor said, "and in some of the scenes I got to play with myself, and that's something I enjoy".

Series 86 Show 01

February 2015
A driver pulled over doing 94mph on the M6 told officers he was late for his speed awareness course.

Series 85 Show 06

November 2014
Crack Found In Man's Bottom

Series 85 Show 01

October 2014
£14 Million Viagra Con Man Hit With Stiff Sentence