For very many years, The News Quiz has regularly filled the Friday 18:30 comedy slot on BBC Radio 4. The show takes a satirical look at the week’s news. It still maintains the quiz format that it started out with, though nowadays the competition element is not really relevant. It’s just a vehicle for a tongue-in-cheek look at the events and the people in the news that week.

The panellists’ observations are always amusing and good for at least a chuckle or two, but the real belly laughs often come from the cuttings that listeners send in, read by a variety of BBC continuity announcers. These usually open and close every show and precede each round.

The shows were topical at the time of transmission – sometimes too topical, with it being a running joke that the shows are recorded on a Thursday and transmitted on a Friday. This can be especially pertinent during elections as the show is being recorded while people are still voting, while the results are known by the time it’s transmitted. Further opportunities for confusion over timing are offered by whether one is listening to the original broadcast, or the repeat. One of my favourite examples of this was a comment by Alan Coren:

… this was six hundred million years ago.
Or, if you’re listening to the Saturday repeat, six hundred million years and a day.

Although the subjects and people discussed are ‘of the moment’ the humour stands the test of time, with shows from the 70s and 80s being as funny now as when they first aired.


A massive sink hole has appeared on a street in St Albans, forcing the evacuation of several families from their homes in the night. Heavily pregnant Gemma Bagshaw, who’s expecting to give birth any day now, said she was wakened by the sound of the hole opening up.

A driver pulled over doing 94mph on the M6 told officers he was late for his speed awareness course.

Peter Phillips expects his wife-to-be to come under greater scrutiny when they are married, but he does not expect it to last.

There will be plenty of fun and games, including a beer tent, homemade teas and a dog show, with proceeds going to Hearing Dogs for the Dead.

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