In recent years The News Quiz has offered an opportunity to new writers to work with more experienced ones so a lot of contributors only have one or two credits. The BBC no longer includes writer credits on a show’s page and it’s often difficult to correctly spell – or even hear – a name when it’s read out at the end of a show. Add to that the difficulty of then trying to verify that information on the internet, and it just takes too long in relation to its importance. From September 2015, therefore, I reluctantly stopped listing individuals in this role that I couldn’t immediately and fairly easily identify. Of course, this may apply to ANY of the shows listed here as I’ve applied it from when I’ve entered information rather than from when a show aired. So visitors will know an entry under Writers of Additional Material is incomplete, I’m adding “Unidentified” where this is the case. If YOU are a contributor who has been caught by this and would like a proper credit, by all means contact me. There are also people listed here who are also in the list of main writers. The numbers in brackets are the number of shows they’ve been credited for writing additional material on*. Click a name to see which shows.

[*Actually, it’s the number of shows that I either have or have found records for. As I don’t have a complete set there may be credits not included in these numbers.]

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