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All (hopefully) of The News Quiz shows are listed here, from the very first to the very latest (a total of 910 editions). The amount of detail given for each varies from the very basic, for shows I don’t have a copy of, to fairly detailed for those I do and that I’ve finished adding information for.

For each show I’m aiming to list who took part and who helped create it, as well as what was talked about and the clippings read out – I think often the funniest part! – but this is a work in progress and not all information for all episodes has been entered yet. Also, although I’m reasonably sure that the episodes I have are attributed to the right series, I’m not entirely convinced each episode is correctly numbered so am trying to verify each by matching topics discussed to real news items. As you’ll no doubt appreciate, this is no small task, and may take a little time! See this episode for an example of a completed entry.

The shows fall into two categories – regular editions and specials. Defining regular shows is fairly easy – they’re the editions broadcast when a series is on air which follow the standard format: A chairman asking questions about the week’s news and two teams of two answering them. Defining specials is a little more complex. There are three types of special :

The News Quiz of the Year: There are actually two types of these – compilation shows and shows which follow the standard format but look at the year’s news rather than the week’s. Compilation shows are a collection of ‘the best bits’ from that year’s series. Sometimes there are two of them, transmitted around Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, sometimes just one. If there’s just one show, it has sometimes been an hour long instead of the normal thirty minutes.

Shows marking special events: These are pretty rare – only four in total. Two have been tribute shows marking the passing of and contributions by Alan Coren and Linda Smith, one to celebrate Twenty Five Years of the News Quiz and The Millennium News Quiz broadcast at the end of 1999. Obviously we can at least look forward to The News Quiz of the Century just before the start of 2100.

Shows with special formats: These are even rarer than those marking special events – only two so far. Oh no it isn’t … The News Quiz was a pantomime featuring many of the show’s regulars at the time. The News Now Quiz Show brought regulars from The News Quiz and The Now Show head to head.

Feel free to let me know if you spot any typos, outright errors or other weird s-t-u-f-f. (I tend to claim that I don’t make errors … just really BIG typos!) You can Say s-t-u-f-f on the relevant page or contact me privately.

I’ve now got a filter which makes it REALLY easy to identify a show recording, usually just from the credits but you can also use subjects if you need to filter still further. To get to it click any series link above, then the Shows link in the breadcrumbs top left.

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