My eventual goal is a complete archive of all participants, cuttings and questions in all of the shows, but to do this I need to iron out some hiccups in my collection:

Prior to series 20: I’m missing everything
From the 20s series: I’m missing all of series twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two (except the end-of-year special) and twenty-five and s24e02  s24e03  s24e04  s24e05  s24e06  s24e07  s24e08  s24e09  s26e03  s26s01  s26s02  s27e01  s27e02  s27e03  s27e04  s27e05  s27s01  s29e02  s29e09  Truncated recordings – s26s03 
From the 30s series: I’m missing – s30e04  s30e05  s30e09  s30s01  s30s02  s31e02  s31e03  s31e06  s31e10  s32e03  s32e10  s32s01  s32s02  s34e05  s38e03  Truncated – s30e07  s31e05  s31e07 
From the 40s series: Truncated – s45e02  s47e02 
From the 80s series: I’m missing s83e05  s84e02 

If you have a copy of a missing edition you’re willing to share, or a full length one where mine’s not, I’d love to hear from you. You might be able to just email it to me at but most email programs and providers limit attachments to 10mB, and a show is typically around 25mB. Therefore I have a facility where you can upload copies directly here. If you’re unable to supply a copy I’d really appreciate any information you have either verifying information is correct or advising it’s incorrect and filling in any blanks you’re able. You can Say s-t-u-f-f on the relevant page or contact me privately.

HOWEVER, there are a lot of mis-attributed recordings around, so please check my version of a show’s line-up against your recording to see that it matches before you send it. If it doesn’t, it probably isn’t what it claims to be. If it doesn’t match but you’re still convinced it’s what it says it is, the easiest way to verify a show is to find a couple of the news items referred to and establish that they happened in the right week to have been broadcast on that date. Of course, this is easier for shows broadcast after the internet came on the scene and became popular! You can also use the facility here to see if there are shows listed with the line-up on your recording to see their attribution. For every show that I have, I’ve nearly completed an initial exercise of adding the opening cutting and the final score, which should enable you to confirm it’s the same show. (I think, so far, I’ve only come across one instance of the same cutting being used first in more than one show, except for compilations obviously.)