Show nine in series twenty-three of The News Quiz was first broadcast on Saturday the 7th of July 1990.

"In our report of Royal Ascot yesterday we mistakenly stated that Mrs. Gertrude Shilling had attended. In fact, the woman wearing a giant cheeseburger oozing with mock cheese on her head was Mrs. Shilling's sister. We apologise for any embarrassment."
"Midland publicans are asking for gallons of free ale for customers after drinkers walked out of public houses claiming the beer was undrinkable. Mr. Dick Fry, licensee of the Hare and Hounds in Halesowen and vice chairman of the Greenhalls Tenants Association, said up to two hundred public houses in the region could have been affected by the bad beer. 'It was cloudy, it smelt, and it didn't taste very nice, but otherwise it was perfect,' he said."
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