First broadcast on Saturday the 14th of July 1990.
Chair:Barry TookReader:Brian PerkinsTeams:Alan CorenClive Anderson-v-Richard IngramsSimon HoggartProducer:Armando Iannucci
Brian Perkins
French Model To Replace A Levels Higher Education Suppliment The Times
Brian Perkins
Women's Institute members had a date with royalty at this year's AGM. One of the two speakers was Her Majesty, The Queen. Following speeches from the Queen and agony aunt Clare Raynor, W.I. members voted to ban the use of bovine somatotropin. Court report Ampthill & Flitwick Herald & Post
Result:Alan and Clive won with 17 points. Richard and Simon got 16.
Brian Perkins
In an incredible tale of survival a lost five year old girl spent three freezing nights in a Canadian mountain wilderness. Carrie Severt-Scoff was found after a search by six rescue teams, two helicopters, tracking dogs, infra-red cameras, a police plane, a diving team, and hundreds of volunteers. Carrie later told her frantic parents that she had heard the rescue teams but didn't call out because she'd been told never to talk to strangers. Hello