Show twelve in series twenty-three of The News Quiz was first broadcast on Saturday the 28th of July 1990.

"In a humanitarian gesture the frisby manufacturer Whammo shipped seven thousand of its celebrated plastic disks to an Angolan orphanage run by one Sister Dominique. The sister has just written to say thank you. 'The dishes you sent are wonderful,' she says, 'we eat all our meals off them.'"
"A man was stabbed yesterday when he struggled with a burglar who was trying to steal his car. Mr. Martin Bott, of County Durham, saw someone sitting behind the wheel of his new Renault 19 Chamade. 'I thought he was just punching me at first,' he said, 'then I saw the blood. He'd used a knife from my kitchen to stab me. Luckily, I'd washed it the night before, so at least the wounds are clean.' "
Newcastle Journal
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