The News Quiz of the Year (Part 1)

Show three in series twenty-six of The News Quiz was first broadcast on Saturday the 21st of December 1991.

My copy of this edition is truncated so production credits may be missing, have been found elsewhere, or are educated guesses based on other shows in the series. If you can verify information or fill in blanks, or better yet have a non-truncated copy you're willing to share, I'd love to hear from you -

"A man suspected of robbery because he had smelly feet has been acquitted. Terry Dixon, 21, was found not guilty at Oxford Crown Court. The jury heard that cabbie Shafqat Qureshi was robbed after picking up three youths at Oxford station. He told police he'd noticed a sweaty smell when driving the robbers and he later sniffed out Mr. Dixon as one of the group. Mr. Dixon of Somerset road, South Wall, had earlier denied robbery, but did admit that his feet were smelly."
South Oxford Courier
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