The News Quiz of the Year (Part 1)

A selection of some of the best bits of the first half of 1996 ( series 35 ). Subjects and cuttings are listed under the shows in which they were first broadcast and so aren’t repeated here. This was the year of transition of chairmen from Barry Took to Simon Hoggart, so whilst the show was presented by Simon, Barry was in the chair for many of the snippets aired.

Show one in series thirty-six of The News Quiz was first broadcast on Saturday the 21st of December 1996.

Host: Simon Hoggart
Panellists: Alan Coren Andy Hamilton Barry Took Charles Kennedy Clive Anderson Francis Wheen Fred MacAulay Jeremy Hardy Laurie Taylor Lynne Truss Mark Steel Roy Hattersley Sandi Toksvig Steve Punt Tony Banks Tony Hawks
Aled Evans
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