First broadcast on Friday the 20th of June 2014. In the news: Ed Miliband faces stiff test over welfare policy Fine 'bad parents', says Ofsted boss 
Chair:Sandi ToksvigReader:Corrie CorfieldTeams:Jeremy HardyHolly Walsh-v-Romesh RanganathanSusan CalmanProducer:Katie Tyrrell
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Corrie Corfield
Bournemouth's original Children's Festival ran from 1905 but had to be stopped in 1914 when fighting broke out that led to the start of World War One. BH Life
Round 1: Whose welfare policies aren't faring well? Ed Miliband
Who's been ranked as the NH best? NHS
Who's going to get fined if their kids drop behind? OFSTED
Corrie Corfield
For sale: Two bedroomed detached house in Bognor Regis with adjacent healing sanctuary. The property would suit a couple interested in healing or alternative therapies. Ill health forces sale. advert Cygnus Books
Round 2: Why is no-one liking GCHQ? GCHQ
Which separation has been hard to bear? Paddington Bear

The cuttings the teams brought along:

Jeremy Hardy
Chambers offer a selection of teas to accompany an array of cut finger sandwiches menu Chambers Bar & Grill
Romesh Ranganathan
Regulation No. 7: The throwing of any object within the ground is strictly forbidden. rules and regulations Headingley Cricket Ground
Holly Walsh
Pikeville 'Saggy Pants' Law Goes After Youths With Their Trousers Down … "All I know is, we don't want them running around half naked on our streets," said mayor, Phil Kagel. "That's the bottom line." Independent
Susan Calman
There were 118 reports of stolen animals, placing Surrey twenty-fourth out of forty police forces that responded. The lowest was the City of London, with only one reported dog theft, and the highest was Edinburgh with 30593 thefts. However 30000 of those were bees. Surrey Times
Result:Romesh and Susan won with 14 points. Jeremy and Holly got 13.