First broadcast on Friday the 27th of June 2014. In the news: Wonga - what, no fine? Cameron: I was wrong about Coulson 
Chair:Sandi ToksvigReader:Susan RaeTeams:Jeremy HardyBob Mills-v-Sara PascoeJustin MoorhouseProducer:Lyndsay Fenner
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Susan Rae
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Round 1: Who made a profoundly sorry mess of an apology this week? Andy Coulson David Cameron Leverson
Why should parents not go soft on kids' drinks? health
Who doesn't think the European Commission should be getting any younger? European Union Jean-Claude Juncker
Susan Rae
Pet pigs for sale. They're great pets, and are freezer size as an option. Tenbury Advertiser
Round 2: Why were Chainey, D'mateo and Shannon made up when they were hired? Wonga
  Jeremy Hardy
"No, I'm not the secret millionaire. I'm a very poor person. I work in the fish mines at Halifax."
Why are twits bothering the fuzz? police social media

The cuttings the teams brought along:

Justin Moorhouse
A one hundred and twenty year old tortoise has been recaptured, after ten days on the run. Scotsman
Sara Pascoe
Man Trapped in Giant Vagina Statue … The man was rescued by twenty-two firemen. Police confirmed the firefighters delivered him by hand, without the application of tools. Guardian
Bob Mills
The ill-gotten gains of a convicted couple are being auctioned. She was convicted of stealing £2.3m from a laundry equipment company and he was convicted of money laundering. Guardian
Jeremy Hardy
First Capital Connect has warned trains between Cambridge and London will be very busy on July the 7th and has urged passengers to avoid peak times and to avoid traveling with bikes. Article about longer trains for people wishing to see the Tour de France Cambridge News
Result:Jeremy and Bob won with 14 points. Sara and Justin got 12.
Susan Rae
An Anglesey layby used as a location for people to have sex could be patrolled by police in future. Menai Bridge town councillor Selwyn Williams said "It's got to be stamped out, because it leaves a bad stain." North Wales Chronicle