First broadcast on Friday the 4th of July 2014. In the news: Nicolas Sarkozy under official investigation Why has Google cast me into oblivion? 
Chair:Sandi ToksvigReader:Zeb SoanesTeams:Jeremy HardySamira Ahmed-v-Andy HamiltonFred MacAulayProducer:Lyndsay Fenner
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Zeb Soanes
Germany, who are forbidden from having sex the night before a game, have orchestrated a come from behind victory over Algeria. Sidney Morning Herald
Round 1: Why does illness mean healthy competition for private firms? health
  Andy Hamilton
"I still hanker after the good old days, when G4S was just Group 4, and its core business was letting prisoners escape from vans."
Who thinks it is no party game being gamed out of the party? Ed Balls
Who is feeling miserable about his raison examen? Nicolas Sarkozy
Why is working nine to five now not necessarily the way to make a living? working practices
Zeb Soanes
Leon Brett is the winner of the acoustic category of Live & Unsigned 2012. Judges commented "Leon has been playing guitar for over thirteen years, and wouldn't swap that instrument for anything". He also plays drums, base, piano and harmonica. event listing University of Bedfordshire
Round 2: Who logged on to find his article had logged off? privacy social media
Why should we be bugged by a resistance to drugs? health

The cuttings the teams brought along:

Andy Hamilton
German police have apologised to a one-armed cyclist, after they pulled him over and fined him for riding one-handed. Daily Mail
Samira Ahmed
Starter: Home made soup. (All our soups are suitable for vegetarians, except our potato and leek soup.) menu Lake District Aquarium
Jeremy Hardy
Pull knob out to fullest extent and return briskly. Condom machine sign
Result:Andy and Fred won with 13 points. Jeremy and Samira got 12.
Zeb Soanes
Cyclists who spanned the two hundred and sixty miles from Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight, to Great Yarmouth have raised over £5000. Keith Collins said the bike ride was one of many sponsored events he'd organised over the years, including marathons, sky dives and sleeping with pigs. Great Yarmouth Mercury