First broadcast on Friday the 18th of July 2014. In the news: Gove moved in cabinet reshuffle Tears of joy for the supporters of women bishops 
Chair:Sandi ToksvigReader:Diana SpeedTeams:Jeremy HardyRebecca Front-v-David MitchellAndy HamiltonProducer:Lyndsay Fenner
Writers:  with additional material by
Diana Speed
A built-in safety switch prevents accidental starting, and the blades will stop when you take one hand off. Hedge trimmer advert
Round 1: What's now made of sugar and spice, and all things nice? David Cameron Michael Gove
  Sandi Toksvig
"She's absolutely in charge of equality, but not QUITE for everybody."
Who's hymns are going to be hers? religion
Who's trying to woo the voters by being better in the spare bedroom? Liberal Democrats tax
Diana Speed
A mum who says she was barred from breast feeding her baby at a health spa near Taunton, has been offered a free colonic irrigation as a good will gesture. Somerset County Gazette
Round 2: Who might be reverting to type? Espionage Germany
Why aren't worms legless? genetic engineering science

The cuttings the teams brought along:

David Mitchell
"I took early retirement four-and-a-half years ago from the fire service, because I didn't want to get to the stage where I was burned out." Irish Independent
Andy Hamilton
A father and son have been rescued from the River Foss in the early hours of this morning. Police were urgently called to reports of screaming coming from the River Foss near the castle car park where they found two men, waist deep in water, holding take-away food above their heads. Radio York
Jeremy Hardy
This evening thunderstorms will bring pelting downpours. Not only that, but there is 100% chance of Monday until midnight. online New York Times
Rebecca Front
Poltergeist that mysteriously trashed US couple's home turns out to be meth addict who was hiding under the bed with a knife. online Daily Mail
Result:Jeremy and Rebecca won with 14 points. David and Andy got 13.
Diana Speed
To get the most out of this product, push up bottom. Stick of deodorant label