First broadcast on Friday the 6th of November 2015.
Chair:Miles JuppReader:Corrie CorfieldTeams:Camilla LongRomesh Ranganathan-v-Jeremy HardyRebecca FrontProducer:Richard Morris
Writers:  with additional material by
Corrie Corfield
Bond girls make fleeting appearances early in the films and usually end up in bed with 007. Their amorous exploits all too often lead them to a sticky end. Daily Telegraph
Result:Both teams got 10 points.
    • This show was dedicated to news reader Peter Donaldson, a veteran with more than eighty appearances, who died in the week it was first broadcast.
    • Just a small thing. But I was listening to this episode and heard Jeremy Hardy mention a particular website. Turns out it contains something worse than I imagined... Some real perverts... ;)