I’m a great fan of The Now Show, a BBC Radio 4 comedy. Because two of my favourite radio shows have been going almost since as long as I can remember (ISIHAC since 1972, The News Quiz since 1977) I tend to think of The Now Show as a newcomer. In fact it has been broadcast since 1998 and has more than forty series behind it. The show is topical and satirical and a regular cast is joined each week by guests to present a mixture of comment, sketches and monologues.

Each programmme ends with a segment reading out three or four of the audience’s answers to a question put to them on arrival, often the best part! I’ve included two of my all time favourites below as their format doesn’t really fit the randomly generated examples to the right.

“We asked our audience three scientific questions …”
What is Brownian Motion? “I’m dyslexic … so entitled to 25% extra time to answer”
The five common characteristics of animals? “I also have ADHD, and am now bored with science”
What is a Benzine Ring? “Oh look, a squirrel!”
Three things you like about Europe: “French wine Belgian chocolate Polish plumbers”
And three things you don’t like: “Polish wine French chocolate Belgian plumbers”

The Audience Question

What details about your boss would you like to be made public?
“His name. I’ve forgotten it. It’s rather awkward.”

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever used successfully?
“I can’t answer this question, I haven’t got a pen.”

What is your top tip for having a happy holiday?
“Take a variety of flags so you can wave whatever is required to get you out of a fix.”

Have you ever embarrassed yourself at a formal occasion?
“At the opening of a major new transport hub, I spilt something on a baggage control computer … so far, it looks like I got away with it”

What is a Benzine Ring?
“That’s when you get a phone call from one of the lesser known members of The Goons, to tell you that you’ve spelt his name wrong.”